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Whenever a jukebox is brought into the topic, there’s one image conjured into mind. It is its distinct cabinet shape along with bright colors, curved top and that shiny exterior. It is like giving you a touch of the 50s Americana taking you back to the time when Elvis was still alive, when leather jackets are hot fashion items and milkshakes are favorite drinks.

Birth of a Majestic Piece of Work

Jukebox has actually evolved from a phonograph which was then invented by 1877 by Thomas Edison. The next huge step in jukebox’s timeline was the transition of Emile Berliner from the cylinder-based phonographs to the disc record based ones. This has paved way to the creation of gramophone in the 1890s.

As a matter of fact, the jukebox rose to popularity due to the reason that there are increasing genres of music that became easily accessible to be listened onto it. Whether it is RnB, classical and whatnot, the jukebox has given listeners a wide variety of option and at the same time, the ability to pick one to play.

Ups and Downs


On the other hand, the sales for this piece of equipment began to drop in the 1920s when radio has entered the scene and became the primary source of free entertainment.

But as financial crises come to an end, people then started seeking celebrating and enjoying life. Thus, the start of Golden Age for Jukeboxes.