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In Print Rolling Stone 02

If you are a type of person who takes pride in quality of music notation you have created, then printing it on cheap typing paper, you are basically dropping the ball few feet from your end goal. When it comes on the subject of putting your music on paper, the presentation play a huge part in the perception and it is easier to manage. The primary variables of your paper would be its:

  • Size
  • Color and
  • Weight

The question now is, where you can find the paper to put in your musical scores? Lucky for you, we have basic info on how you can get the job done.

Finding the Paper

For common page sizes, you’d do fine with local paper stores as it have several precut options. You can still choose among the different types of paper when you’re shopping for 12” x 18” pages.

Moreover, it is become a bit of a challenge in avoiding to order papers over the web.

Printing and Printers

Alright, so you now have your paper but then, you discovered that the printer is not accepting anything bigger than usual. An option you have here is getting a new printer. Regardless if you will not be printing in large volumes, inkjet printer is the perfect pick. It is affordable even for the larger page formats. The only drawback is the cost of buying inks.