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In this article, you are going to learn the basic step by step procedure in making merchandise profitable. Aside from applying it on T-shirts, you can also do the same process on posters, bags, hats and a lot more.

Making Your Own Merchs

To start, you need to invest in a screen printing screen. It is best to get started with a kit because it has the components needed from squeegee, fabric ink and screens. Besides, they’re lower in price if bought as a kit.

Then, the next thing you have to do is finalize on the design. You can go as intricate as you want or be plain and simple. The design will determine the number of screens to be used. After that, you have to cut out the design. Keep in mind that everything you cut out shows up when printing the shirt. Therefore, cut only what you like to show on the end product.

Affix the design to screen using tape. Put a sheet of either cardboard or whitepaper inside the shirt. This prevents the ink from bleeding through the other side.

With your bandmate, have them hold the screen down firmly.

Put the ink on the screen and use your squeegee in pressing the ink through your screen.

Final Step

Lift the screen on the other end and make sure that the ink is transferred properly. Then, remove the screen, put the shirt to side as it’ll have to be dried for 15 minutes. And then you are done!