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Are you aware that singing in school is a big help among children to feel better about themselves and this at the same time can boost community spirit? Moreover, mastering musical instrument can significantly improve how human brain is processing parts of spoken language. These are only few of the many reasons why it is vital to engage children in music.

With this being said, why not put an effort in making the music inventive and fun using homemade instruments? This is not just a nice way of learning how to play music but also, it is a cool and fun way of making children feel involved.

Here are few ideas to make your DIY music instrument.

Number 1. Homemade Harmonica

Harmonicas are just fascinating. Despite its small form factor, it creates that very distinctive sound, making everyone quickly know it is what is being played.

But don’t you know that you can imitate this instrument by tapping different straw sized together and blowing into airways?

Also, you can fill in glasses with different water volume and ding the rim lightly using a spoon.

Number 2. Can Drums

Drums are creating rhythm to a tune. This makes the instrument a vital part in tempo lesson. Regardless if you are dancing to the beat or singing along with percussion, drums are awesome guide. You may make your own drums simply by using day to day items such as tabletop, soup cans and more. All you have to do is be creative.