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You probably have heard about musical theater, opera and the Broadway. But are there any differences among the three? These words are so common in music industry but only few are aware that these three are distinct to each. Let’s shed some light to some.


This is in fact a misnomer. We are using the term only because majority of popular musicals are being performed on Broadway before it goes anywhere else.

It must only be called as Musical Theater Show or Musical. This is a form of telling a story by means of:

  • Dancing
  • Acting and;
  • Music

All together, they are able to tell a story from acting and dialogue.


This is referring to Straight Theater which is basically focused on acting and perhaps, few movements. However, it is not full on dance as you’d see in musical theater. Think of a typical Shakespeare play. Sometimes, you get the music in creating an atmosphere but then again, it is not a feature like musical.


This is a complete opposite of theater. The story here is being told in song form by performers who are trained in this form of art. Basically, it’s all about the voice.