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In Concert Rough Trade

More than 10% of millenials fall victim of ticket fraud. This is according to a study performed by Aventus. They are open-source blockchain based ticket platform. In addition to that, the study discovered that almost a third of the respondents had bought a ticket from scalpers, which leaves them with 4x likely to become a victim of scam.

Rampant Issue

The survey has been taken part of more than a thousand customers in the US who’ve bought a concert ticket over the internet.

As per the statement released by the co-founder of Aventus, Annika Monari, she said that it is time for ticketing industry to incorporate new technology in giving organizers, artists and venues the tools in protecting towards unfair pricing and scalping.

It should Stop!

Let’s face the fact, it can be frustrating and stressful experience to buy concert tickets online. Consumers are distancing themselves from vendors that seem to be shady on their processing fees.

Reselling the tickets on secondary sites for higher price compared to its original ticket value is also a rampant issue. For once, if you purchase the ticket on primary market, you’re getting it at its face value plus the booking fee. But in the secondary market, it may be more expensive.

Sellers are capable of naming any amount that they like for secondary sites. This is where the problem is with online ticket buying.