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Comparing Spotify Premium and the Free Spotify

Spotify is no doubt the most used streaming service all over the world. It has a long list of music as well as a sizable archive of podcasts. In this Free Spotify vs Spotify Premium comparison, we’re going to take a look if the advance version is worth your money, or if it would be better to deal with countless of ads as it is more cost-efficient. You may even find some highlights of Spotify throughout your experience.

The listening experience with Free Spotify is not always fun

With the free mobile version, you only have the chance to skip six songs per hour, unlike with Premium, you can jump to as many songs you wish. Skip limits can put a restraint on things when you frequently aren’t in the state for specific randomized songs, but certainly, it’s an inconvenience.

Spotify Premium allows you to skip songs whenever you want, the free version has a limited number of skips

Another disadvantage to Free Spotify on mobile: you can’t choose particular songs for playback. Instead, you can choose an album or a playlist and then mix the order of the songs. This can get irritating when you have an earworm and just want to listen to some songs.

Brace yourself with disturbing ads that come with free Spotify

The total worst thing about Free Spotify is how often ads ruin your listening experience. The advertisements are especially irritating, are clearly meant to let you feel that way. Several of them highlight the most irritating sounds you could think, like traffic horns covered with a voice stating things like, “Is this ruining your mood? If you avail Premium, you won’t need to listen to this no more.”

Listen offline with Spotify Premium

With Spotify Premium, you can download all the songs that you love to listen to most of the time. This is excellent for long flights or if you want to save data while you are on a trip or in a place where there is no internet connection.

On the desktop Spotify app Laptops for Nursing Students , there are fewer errors between the two versions. For instance, on the desktop app, you can choose any specific song you prefer with countless skips regardless of your Spotify version.