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Female Saudis Making It Big In A New Music Video

Saudi woman in a music video

Conservative Saudi Twitterati has been getting field days since celebrity and provocateur Majed al-Esa published the movie of his most recent song. Titled “Hwages”, which literally signifies worries, the tune is a satirical spin on the problem of girls from Saudi Arabia.

The lyrics seem like, “May guys evaporate in oblivion…that they provide us emotional disorders “. More than the tune, the video generated more outrage owing to its symbolism. The movie begins with three girls sitting at the rear seat of a vehicle, though a child wearing the traditional Arab dress pushes it depicting the absurdity of those Muslim principles where it is prohibited for the girls to push but the young boys and men can. Women in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to do almost all of the items depicted in this video.

A lot of the criticism led to the movie is about the”strong language” and symbolism employed in the movie. The critics say that the song is sexist since the girls are wanting all men to perish and therefore so are blaming them for all their issues. The conservative Saudis think the video is disgusting as it”disrespects” that the Arab girls.

The movie reveals girls in Burqa, skating, dance, playing literally using enjoyable. Once it requires a jibe in the Saudi family system in which girls always ought to choose the men’s consent to perform everything, in addition, it demonstrates that they’re despite residing in these conditions, wishes to love and have fun.

In 1 scene, girls are in a bowling alley and about the goals, faces of guys are published, which get struck by the ball and then collapse. In the other picture, a podium in the platform says “home of guys”, indicating that it is the guys who rule over girls and girls do not have some state. Additionally, it suggests that guys are the individuals that are in actual power and it is the guys who thing, not the girls.


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The highlight of the entire movie is really a card together with Donald Trump’s face inside. It seems behind the podium at which the home of guys is composed. Trump’s face is in circumstance of his many sexist statements, including a leaked tape where Trump boasts roughly “Grabbing girls by the pussy”. It transmits the American public a concept about the sort of future they need to be anticipating — the one that’s not any different from those of Saudi Arabia.

The majority of the critics don’t see that the movie is a satirical, perhaps maybe not a significant spin on the problem. This alone ought to permit them to observe the movie from a completely different view. Certainly, the lyrics and movies are sexist when viewed from a literal perspective. Nonetheless, in this circumstance, the girls lament the constraints they face in a humorous fashion, that need to be completely fine.

Additionally, in a democratic society such as Saudi Arabia, this type of song movie, where girls do what they’re told to not perform, is brilliant artwork. This gesture of woman empowerment drives attention to foreign women to consider moving into Saudi Arabia (to those who wish to move into Jeddah, visitشركة-نقل-عفش-بجدة/ for more info).

It is an important thing and our hats have to be removed to the founder of the song to incorporate everything brilliantly from the tune.