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Hiring a Singer in a Funeral? Does it Sound Relevant?

There’s a unique charisma in hearing human voice. It is soothing and at the same time, healing, especially to those who are going through grievance. While trying to comfort mourners, hiring a live singer could be a nice tribute to the departed. But when such time actually comes, how would you pick your funeral singer?

Hiring a singer at a funeral is almost similar from the time when you uitvaartverzekering vergelijken. You have to check the singers, the gigs they are in and watch their prior performances. This is going to help you gauge your decision.

Your Alternatives

Say for example that you do live in the metro or in a big city perhaps, then you’re in an advantage as finding a seasoned funeral singer can be as easy as making couple of phone calls. Aside from singers who are specializing in funerals, you can also work with other singers who sing in:

  • Church (part of the choir)
  • Wedding
  • Vocal Teachers

While you can work with these people, it is preferable if you can hire someone who has specific experience singing in funerals. A singer who’s not familiar in such atmosphere even if he/she not know the deceased, might have emotional attachment during service and may not be able to perform fully.

The Right Questions to Ask

Clergy as well as funeral directors usually have a roster of singers readily available. Be sure that whoever is recommended to you, allot few hours to be familiarize with the singer’s work. It is your right to ask questions too.

  • How long they’ve been singing in funerals?
  • What’s their professional background?
  • Can the funeral singer offer accompaniment?

There are a lot of singers who have a website of their own where they include their singing samples, photos as well as testimonials from former clients. You should not feel hesitated either in requesting references.

Keep in mind that a good and professional singer should be proud of providing you this information.

Cost of Hiring a Funeral Singer

On the other hand, as for the cost of hiring a funeral singer, this thing widely varies. On general however, you are expected to pay between 100 to 200 dollar range, which depends on the songs you’ve selected and the singer’s experience and reputation. You may pay fee as well for sound equipment, accompanist and several other items that might be needed in the performance.