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Is Music Therapy Covered by Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance coverage may typically depend on the policy that they offer.

Many people in the music industry are asking if music therapy will be under the insurance covered policy. Generally, music therapy is not a common thing in the insurance field. Knowing this, music therapy is almost out of service provided by them such as the one from This is somehow similar to the beginners guide to music theory.

However, a good thing for most insurance companies in some cases is that reimbursement of music therapy as a network service is accepted. Yet, lots of cases considered this as an unacceptable service. In the instance that you want to make use of the service of music therapy in the insurance industry, you must have to consider some essential factors.

Factors Affecting the Coverage of Music Therapy in the Insurance Industry

The following factors below are considered essential in covering music therapy by the insurance companies.

Considering the Out of Network Deductible

Most clients making use of insurance should have to pay in full until such time that they got to consider their personal out of network deductible. Generally, most cases cover value of out of network deductible from $5,000 to $10,000 in one year.

Covered Policy After Acquiring the Deductible

In case you already achieved the deductible, the amount of the covered policy will generally affect the processing of reimbursement.

Achieving the Out of Pocket Max

The insurance company may give back 100% of the total amount of music therapy in the event that the out of pocket max is being achieved.

Pursuing Reimbursement

There may be times that the out of network deductibles may be low even if there is an outstanding insurance plan. Here is a summary of the process in case you want to pursue reimbursement.

1. Identify the value of the out of network coverage coming from the existing insurance plan.
2. Assessment of the formal music therapy and development of a treatment plan.
3. Securing a medical letter from the attending Physician.
4. Verify the covered benefits on the insurance company.
5. Get an approval of the service, if needed.

With the above steps, in case the reimbursement for music therapy is already approved, the service to be provided by the insurance company will begin. Music therapy will more likely to be incorporated as a service provided by the insurance company in case lots of people are going after the reimbursement of music therapy.