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Lawyers Advise How To Protect Your Song

When composing songs, it is not uncommon for soul pain, heart, and soul to flow into the creative process. This also means that there is a very special connection between the artist and the work. For this reason, it is not surprising that songwriters and composers want to protect their music.

Here’s what you should know: Protect Music FAQ

How can I get my music protected?

If a piece of music has the necessary creative height, copyright protection arises automatically. Login or registration is therefore not necessary.

Somebody stole my song. Who can help me?

In such a case, you can reach out to a copyright attorney (anwalt familienrecht can recommend the best copyright attorneys for your case) and discuss how you can take action against copyright infringement while still effectively protecting your music.

Can music be protected by copyright?

Copyright allows you to protect your song. According to Section 2 of the Copyright Act ( UrhG ), the works of music are personal intellectual creations and can therefore enjoy copyright protection. Since this protective right arises directly with the creation and does not require any registration or registration, you do not have to take any measures to have your own music protected.

The copyright protection guarantees of the work the Creator diverse rights to. Among other things, the power to decide when a piece of music is published and how the author has to be verified.

In addition, various copyright regulations help protect the music. So one is working without the consent of the copyright holder is prohibited and also unauthorized exploitation is prohibited.

How can I get additional protection for my song?

Isn’t it enough that the laws protect works of music by copyright? As mentioned earlier, copyright rules and regulations help protect your music. However, since there is no registration or official deposit, there is no legal evidence of when a song was created. A circumstance that can make it more difficult to determine whether a song is original or a plagiarism.

Therefore, many musicians ask themselves how they can protect their music additionally. For many years there has been a misconception in forums that a letter with a data carrier attached and sent to yourself is sufficient as proof of the date of a song’s creation. However, this method offers a high risk of manipulation, which is why the evidential value in court is rather low.

On the other hand, it is more legally secure if you protect your music through a notary. Because the notarial deposit can serve as evidence in a legal dispute. However, not all notaries take custody of works protected by copyright. In addition, this procedure is associated with costs.