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Life as a Musician: Importance of Learning to Read Musical Notes

Is there any good of fluently reading music? Fact is, there are lots of good things of learning and practicing how to read one. Though it may be hard, especially if you have to do it using 金鼎翻译,but the entire process is going to be worth it and will truly push forward your career.

Though, it isn’t that simple. Being able to know how to read music well enough will demand years of practice. Let us face it, not everyone has the time to invest in it. If life would allow you play for few minutes in a day or at least few hours in a week, it is definitely not a smart move to over-invest in reading regimen. There are of course other factors involved such as the following:

  • Your style of music
  • Aspiring or professional
  • How much you are valuing exposure to constant stream of brand new music ideas?

Career Considerations

Who are the people who have to learn how to read music? In the event that you are pursuing a music degree, then it is expected from you to be able to read well. This is regardless if you are specializing in jazz, pop, rock or any other genre.

Composing for a TV or film was unthinkable before without having notation skills. Even in this modern time, few musicians would actually risks in stepping into expensive and major soundtrack recording session without a strong background in music reading. But you’d be surprised that many of the music for TV, films and jingles are independently produced in small studios; frequently by musicians who don’t have proper or formal training.

Think it Through

What if you’ve dreamt of having a career being a session player? Truth is, some of the top Los Angeles players are remarkable readers but only few land the job. There are also fine and awesome readers in Nashville but guitarists are more likely to use Nashville number system charts compared to standard notation.

The truth is, you may make a case that session guitarists are inexistent already when it comes to career options. Majority of the non-rock stars making a living in music are actually multitasking which involves:

  • Performing
  • Playing
  • Recording
  • Composing
  • Producing
  • Teaching
  • Mixing and;
  • Self-promotion in social media