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Music In The Overland Shovels Office

It has not yet been clearly decided whether music in the workplace really promotes concentration or is a real productivity killer. Many studies prove the concentration-promoting effect of music at work, others speak out against the sprinkling of music in the office.

The way music is perceived at work is as diverse as the music itself. Some really get going when they hear their favorite band. Others simply find music in the office annoying and counterproductive. How music works at work depends on a few factors that you should pay attention to.

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Pros and cons of music in the overland shovels office

Especially in startups or open-plan offices, employees with headphones on their ears are now a common sight. Supervisors usually have to put up with employees listening to music while they work. Music can only be expressly banned in the workplace if it has been shown to significantly disrupt productivity. But that is often very difficult to decide.


Music relaxes. This can work wonders, especially in stressful times in the office. Cooperation in the office and communication in the team can also benefit from relaxation.

Favorite music just makes you happy. This also has a positive effect on work behavior. If you are in a good mood and motivated, you are also more productive.

Is the shredder roaring? The office neighbor is phoning his customers loudly? Music in the workplace simply fades out annoying background noise.

In general, music in the overland recovery workplace can help you find your flow. You are less aware of distractions from your surroundings and are completely focused on your tasks. If you are a product designer, you can better concentrate and create excellent designs for overland shovels.


A colorful mix of styles is also counterproductive.  Constantly adjusting to different rhythms and moods distracts from the work at the desk. So pay attention to the coherence of your soundtracks.

Keyword volume: A radio in the workplace does not always meet with the goodwill of all colleagues. Different music tastes or sensitivity to music at work can quickly strain the relationship between colleagues and the atmosphere in the office.

Songs with vocal parts have a high potential for distraction. The effect on the radio is even stronger if there are also verbal contributions in between. Especially if you want to concentrate on a text, this will quickly confuse you. This applies to both reading and writing your own creative texts.