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Which Type of Guitar Case is Best for Your Instrument?

Nothing can be compared to that euphoric feeling of buying a new musical instrument, not to mention guitars. However, it’s this feeling of excitement we had after getting hold of the instrument that makes us forget that these are items are fragile and need proper care. For any guitarists, whether you admit it or not, you don’t know much about how important guitar cases are.

As a matter of fact, buying the right case for your guitar is pretty much the same with using the appropriate guinea pig cage. You have to ensure that it has the right dimension and fit. Otherwise, it would fail to serve its purpose. Therefore, if you’ve spent few hundreds or thousands to invest in a new instrument, then why not spend few more to ensure that it’ll have utmost protection?

Guitar Cases Types

What’s the worse that you could think for your guitar than seeing it damaged because you failed to give it with proper protection? Regardless if you are a casual musician who performs only in front of your family or a seasoned musician, the information disclosed in this article would help you big time in finding the best guitar case.

To kick things off, let’s discuss about the three guitar cases category:

  1. Soft cases
  2. Hard cases
  3. Flight cases

Soft Cases

This is typically called as gig bags. These are basically the cheapest and simplest way of protecting your guitar. It provides inner padding, outer nylon cover, a carrying handle, pockets for your guitar accessories and backpack straps. Remember this, the thicker its padding, the better its protection.

Hard Cases

As for hard cases, they are subdivided into two types and these are wood cases in which the frame is made from wood and cases made from other materials similar to fiberglass, carbon fiber and ABS Plastic.

If you want something that’s superiorly durable, something that can be tossed and carried around in a trunk, then go for wood cases.

Flight Cases

If you have attended major live performance, then you certainly know about this kind of case. It doesn’t matter if they are for carrying technical gears, instruments or whatnot that requires high protection, then this is the go-to case every guitarist has.