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Apps To Help You Recognize Music On The Best Mobile Phones

Do you know that? You’re at a party and you hear a really good song. The song just stays in your head and when you get home, you only know the melody. You’ve already forgotten the lyrics, but the song just stays in your head. It would have been nice if you knew what song it was.

See the top 7 winners of mobile phone test this 2021 at Velgenklere. Your mobile phone is indeed among the best technologies ever been made because with these apps on your phone, you can quickly recognize any song that stay stuck in your heard.

Recognizing songs: how does it work?

First of all, it might be good to know how these apps recognize songs. In any case, they use your phone’s microphone and the mobile internet. The moment you instruct the phone to listen to the music, a recording is made.

This recording is sent to a program on a server. That program compares the recording with other recordings. These recordings are in a huge music database. Within a few seconds the song is recognized and you know exactly what you have heard. Nowadays it even goes so far that you can hum too.

Three Best Recognition Apps 2021


Shazam is perhaps the best known option for recognizing music. Not so crazy; it was one of the first apps to offer music recognition. It is a blazing fast app that is also easy to use.

It works like this: you start the app and a large button appears on the screen. You press the button and the environment is listened to. If it’s not too loud, Shazam will try to find out what song you’re hearing. Within a few seconds, the name of the song will appear on the screen.

Very useful in Shazam is that your numbers are saved. Then you can listen to it again, or buy it. Shazam is available for iPhone, Android devices and Windows Phone.


We already mentioned that in some apps you can even hum a song. This is possible in the SoundHound app, for example. If you sing or whistle a song yourself, there is a chance that SoundHound will recognize it. To be fair: it does take a while before the app recognizes it, but after a few tries, the chance of success increases.

Of course you can also use the app as a replacement for Shazam. So you can keep the app close to a speaker to find out which song is playing now. The great thing about this app is that the lyrics are also displayed. Then you can sing it all the way from that moment on.

There is also a direct link with Spotify. If you have Spotify on your phone, you can add the song directly to a playlist. Soundhound is available for iPhone, Android devices and Windows Phone.

Google Now

Android standard an ability to recognize music. You can use it via Google Now. If you go to ‘voice search’ within an app, your phone can recognize songs. As soon as your phone hears music in the background, a button will appear with which you can turn on the music recognition.

Tests show that Google Now works slightly less accurately than Shazam or Soundhound. But if you don’t have an app at hand to recognize music, this is still a handy option. If the song is found, you can immediately buy it in the Google Play Store.

Track ID

TrackID is from Sony and it shows straight away: a lot of effort has gone into making the app look like. Fortunately, the looks were certainly not more important than the functionality here. The app recognizes music quite quickly. It makes sense that this won’t take long; Sony is also a record label and has access to a huge database of its own.

Once you’ve figured out which song is playing, you can then choose whether you want to open it in Spotify or YouTube. It is a pity that the app is only available for Android. So you have to look for another alternative for your iPhone.


The ‘other alternative to iPhone’ could well be called Siri. The iPhone offers a built-in option to recognize music. You can ask Siri which song you’re hearing right now by asking, “What’s this song called?” There is a drawback to this: if the music is too loud, Siri probably won’t understand you.

Yet we find Siri a handy solution for quickly looking for music. It’s nice to have it quickly at hand. An additional advantage is that you can quickly buy a recognized song from iTunes.