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Getting more Listeners and Audience to Your Music

From starting to learn the fundamentals of music by practicing a few songs from then to now when you have your own gigs is definitely a big achievement.

Road to Fame

Now might be the next step to your career, which is to release your music. However, despite the fact that people are now more connected than ever, such activity is pretty daunting and challenging. It is a lot easier to make, release and consume music with latest trends such as online collaborations and streaming. This is beneficial for countless artists in a lot of ways. Though, it creates new obstacles to and that’s making yourself standout.

Leveraging Social Media

This might sound so obvious but there are many artists that are not taking the full benefit of social media, particularly Instagram or IG. While Facebook is laser-focused on personal interaction and Twitter on conversation, Instagram on the other hand is more on artistic pursuits and creative expressions. This turns out to be an awesome place among musicians in marketing their craft.

Look for Distributors

Nowadays, there are plenty of platforms that people can use to consume their music needs. Collaborating your music release on the major platforms manually is a monumental task and could possibly result to delayed or premature release.

One way that you can do in bypassing this and saving time in submitting your music to digital distributor is by releasing your music simultaneously across your chosen platforms on a given date.

Make a Single

If there’s one thing you have to know about releasing music, it’s the fact that it would take a bunch of work. When releasing singles, it lets you to release music more often, also, it allows you to spend more of your time promoting every song. When physical albums are sold, people are forced to listen to songs that they do not love along with those that they like. When streaming though, if the listener does not like the song, they can simply skip to the next. Because of this, a lot of major artists prefer releasing more singles than a full album.