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Choosing the Ideal Wall Paint Color for Your Music Studio

Every musician knows that to record a masterpiece; one should be original and think outside of the box. What’s the simplest color for your music studio walls?

Wall Paint


The best color for music studio walls is blue because it stimulates creativity and is straightforward on the eyes. It also comes in very kind of shades and is cost-effective because it’s widely available. However, your choice can vary supported genre and taste.

This article will facilitate your learn more about why blue is that the perfect shade for you to surround yourself with while producing. Aside from finding professional paint contractors like Seavue Painting, you may study the most effective paint brands, the correct shades, and therefore the right finish for your studio. And if blue isn’t your color, you’ll learn the type of colors that match your genre.

Colors and Genre: A quick Overview

Spending hours in an exceedingly yellow or bright green room may create an unpleasant atmosphere and hinder the method. As a verdict, we selected blue because the perfect color for your home studio. With its light finish yet depth-look, blue matches every mood and each décor.

Blue: The Best Color for Music Studio Walls

Setting up a music studio can seem to be a frightening task. The color you opt for will ultimately found the atmosphere of the space.

Blues don’t always be related to melancholy. For a music room, a deep, ocean blue will have the proper psychological effect on your mood and also persuade match any existing furniture or decorations you have got in mind.

Stimulative Yet Calming

Blue is related to the sky and therefore the sea; it’s a tranquil and stable color that induces relaxation and peace in you physically and mentally. It promotes responsibility and direction without being imposing or straining, making it the right color to incorporate in workspaces or homes.

Research has shown that blue encourages productivity and orderliness, which is why it’s often seen in corporate buildings and offices. It’s a secure color, making your studio a secure space for you to figure in.


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Light It Up the Way You Wish

Blue goes with almost anything. Blue also works with all lighting types; nowadays, many young musicians enjoy LED lighting in their studio for a flowery effect.

Blue will complement that perfectly; the color will leave the main target to be drawn to the LED’s vibrancy without seeming blindingly bright. Suppose there aren’t any windows within the studio or LED lights. Blue also will go perfectly with brilliant white or warm yellow lighting, which is already found in most homes.

A Canvas for Adornment

With blue as your canvas, you’re unengaged to decorate your studio as you would like. It’s an aesthetically pleasing color that suits different types of furniture, flooring, and paintings. Wood floorings and white furniture pieces, particularly, will stand out against the blue, balancing the color.

Blue in Backgrounds

Blue may be a universally liked color. The general public sees it as a non-threatening and safe color, making it accepted and loved by almost everyone. Its association with the sky and also the sea is ultimately seen as a soothing color that attracts in everybody.

It’ll blend in perfectly together with your founded, being a natural color backdrop that will look stylish yet well-decorated in your videos, saving you time and energy in making you discover the right spot for recording.