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“Do You Know the Way to San Jose,” a Reminder of What the Place Was Like in the 60s

When Hal David wrote the lyrics to “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” the place was still a grape-growing farming community. The DYKWSJ song is actually a musical composition of 6-time Grammy Winner and 3-time Oscar awardee, Burt Bacharach, who composed and produced  many of the iconic pop songs spanning the 1950s through the 1980s. The DYKWSJ lyrics simply tell a story of a San Jose native heading back home, after deciding to stop chasing her dreams of becoming a famous entertainer in Hollywood.

Actually, Dionne Warwick, also a 6-time Grammy award winning singer for whom many of the Bacharach/David compositions were written, refused to record the song. Ms Warwick thought the song sounded silly — a far cry from the other hit songs that made her one of the most important recording artists of the 60s era. As the turns of events have it, DYKWSJ became an international hit, sold millions of copies for which Ms. Warwick won her first Grammy.

What Was San Jose Known For When DYKWSJ Became an International Hit

When the song broke international charts, San Jose was famous only for the spooky Winchester Mystery House and for its many beautiful rose gardens. Today, San Jose is now a city whose Metropolitan Area serves as home to many of the world’s super rich people. After all, SJC is the largest of the techno hubs making up the famous Silicon Valley

San Jose City is a frontrunner as a center of innovations, being host to numerous microprocessor, computer and engineering companies. SJC residents are actually turning in more patent applications than those coming from other cities.

People no longer ask for directions on how to go and where to go when travelling to San Jose. First time travelers can always find a helpful road trip app to use as guide. The most popular are those that include comprehensive information about the best hotels, the best restaurants, best theme park, best shopping centers and even the best towing company.

Actually, it would also help to have an app that provides the most useful information about the traffic conditions as San Jose has developed and expanded in size, being the capital city of Silicon Valley. Towing is in fact a big business in SJC because every now and then, some construction projects, housing developments, illegal parking or a road mishap needs a towing company san jose motorists generally use.

The community that decades ago had farmers busy with grapes, apricots and prunes, is now more than just a playground for technology enthusiasts. The city is also becoming highly cultural as several museums are now showcasing the artworks of local artists, and not just the exhibits of some budding tech nerd.