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The Music Streaming Platform ‘Spotify’ Presents Music Contents For League of Legends Fans

Spotify released various music content for music and e-sports fans and hold related events to commemorate the ‘2021 League of Legends World Championship’.

While LOL fans are busy catching up with their game with the use of LOL scripts, they are all looking forward to the next Worlds. What will it be for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship?

Spotify collaborated with ‘Riot Games’ to launch an interactive microsite for music and esports fans around the world, centered on ‘Burn It All Down’ by the American rock band PVRIS, the theme song for the 2021 Worlds. The site illuminates the storyline and music video featuring one of the main characters, along with the production process and behind-the-scenes story of the theme song, as well as the Korean team ‘Damwon Kia’, a pro gamer ‘Showmaker’ Heo Su.

Spotify Features Interesting Info About Your Favorite Worlds Champion

In addition, by browsing the site, you can check interesting information about the three professional players, Recles and Jackie Love, who represent the showmakers, European LEC, and Chinese LPL in regional leagues. In addition, you can discover the songs they have curated for each situation and create your own 2021 Worlds playlist by linking with your Spotify account.

This global interactive microsite, introduced by Riot Games, can be accessed through desktop and mobile devices in 178 countries where Spotify is servicing, and the language can be set in Korean, English and Spanish.

In addition, Spotify presented the official League of Legends playlist through the ‘League of Legends Official Hub’.

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Spotify and Riot Games: Global Partnership

Meanwhile, Spotify signed a global partnership with Riot Games in August of last year and has been introducing various contents as the first League of Legends official global audio streaming partner. In August 2020, the League of Legends official hub was opened and various game-related playlists were launched, and in October of last year, the ‘2020 Worlds’ commemorative microsite was established to introduce various and unique music contents. The 2021 Worlds was held at the Iceland Indoor Sports Stadium from October 5 to November 6. The 2022 Worlds will be held in North America.

What will it be for 2022 League of Legends World Championship?

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the largest international e-sports events in the world. The company behind it, Riot Games, released a new game called LoL Champions. The premise of the game is to create the “ultimate champion” and allow players to be on their own team for a full year. While there are no developments yet, LOL fandom is excited to know what’s the next song to be added to the LOL playlist.