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Gift Ideas For Guitar-Playing Kids

A boy playing the guitar


Dressed up as Bowie for Halloween, watched SpongeBob carrying out with Patrick, would like to be like rocker Mommy or can not get enough of Daddy’s songs — regardless of the motive, at this point, you have just a small child guitar player on your palms. As well as rockstars compose Santa letters from time to time. What exactly do you need to obtain just a small child guitar player?

We have your back. Aside from starting to read about these wonderful ideas, below are what we think about the 7 finest presents for child guitar players. Better start ’em young!

1. Loog Guitar

Let us just do this one from the way — obviously, we believe that the Loog Guitar is arguably THE ideal gift for child guitar players, particularly if they’re nonetheless brimming with potential. Contact us today, but its narrow neck and three strings make learning how to play guitar easy peasy. Additionally, continued to find out is a breeze once you are playing ENTIRE tunes on day one due to the Chord Flashcards and amazing iOS along with Android App.
go on and start a rock band together with your small future direct guitarist. Just consider those areas you will see, the tunes you will perform along with the pleasure you will need — right there in your living space!

2. Guitar Strap for Children

We have that out how, here is something your child guitar participant will adore: a candy, personalized ring. Yes, we provide two amazing straps at our Loog Store however ANY guitar strap may probably operate on a Loog — also though there is Hello Kitty around it. Our recommendation would be to take a look at Initial Fuzz, among our favorites, or even Etsy shops, which normally carry one strap or may even make a habit one to represent your small tyke’s own private tastes.


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3. Roadie Two Tuner

Learning how to tune a guitar may appear somewhat daunting at first, but trust me it’s a whole other world out there in the event that you’ve got a Roadie two Tuner with you. Unlike routine tuners (such as the one we provide from the free Loog Program), the Roadie 2 really pops on the drums’ tuning peg and can the filthy tuning task for you, no strings, uh, unattached. This is the best present for non-musical visitors to talk with their small rockers — it is so simple to use.

4. Guitar Picks for Children

Seeking the ultimate stocking filler? Guitar selections are cheap, abundant, and cause you to really feel like a bonafide rockstar before you play the first chord. Kid guitar gamers will enjoy getting some of them for their own guitar. Bonus points if you punch a hole into one of these and create them a kickass DIY necklace — even when it was cool in the 90s, why not?!

5. Guitar Select Punch

Your small guitar player’s enjoying their selections? Great — offer them something which may be readily become a DIY job. Guitar select punches work exactly like pit punches but have the capacity to cut ideal pick-shaped segments of tougher stuff (think old charge cards along with laminar plastic). It is the perfect present for child guitar players that additionally con the imaginative side and ideal action for if you are both tired of banging!

6. Electric Guitar Pillow

After those gigs, each child guitar player demands a pleasant nap. And what is far much better than resting your weary little head onto a cool guitar cushion? All these we discovered come in blue or orange and we can not pick which we like best — we suppose we are going to have to sleep.

7. Guitar Poster

If you are here, you are into design and music — and odds are, the small rockstar on your own life is after into your own footsteps. Present them a poster they will adore having up inside their area and you will appreciate for its informative value. This one we discovered was created by Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan and includes 64 distinctive guitars out of the stone background, in infographic kind. It is fantastic for many of you homeschoolers out there!