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How Music Affects The Law of Attraction

Silhouette of a woman playing the violin


Have you ever listened to your tune and been emotionally attached to it, it will take you back to a certain memory, time, or location? Music has the capability to make us feel all sorts of emotions, if it is enabled, joyful, depressed, lonely, optimistic, or perhaps confused. Whenever someone states that a tune ‘touched them’ or even’ ‘transferred them’, it’s oftentimes a literal expression.

If you’re listening to music that makes you feel motivated and empowered, your ideas are probably going to be more positive and filled with ambition and enthusiasm.

If you’re listening to some tune that makes you feel unhappy and depressed, your ideas will align with these negative emotions, which makes you more unlikely to attest to some favorable needs and wishes for the own future.

To be able to fulfill your dreams and bring them to fruition, it’s very important you are emotionally linked to your own needs. True to the Law of Attraction, it’s understood that your ideas and feelings turn into your own reflections.


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All these are a few of the distinct approaches I use music as a symptom booster:

1. Together with my Mind Movies

Music is your ‘secret sauce’ making a Mind Movie really strong. I use music that arouses not just profound feelings, but strong mental images also. So for my own fitness Mind Movie, for example, I would pick a monitor like “Eye Of The Tiger” and picture that I’m Rocky running up the Art Museum measures and hitting the atmosphere:–RRB-

2. To melt away anxiety

Anxiety and stress wreak havoc on your ability. Guided meditations are just one method to de-stress, but the next would be to simply curl up with a popular beverage, an inspirational book, along with also a transcendent playlist in the likes of Buddha Bar and Cafe Del Mar. I am frequently surprised by the sorts of realizations that float to my thoughts, buoyed by this audio.

3. Prior to a significant event/moment

When I am going to confront a significant meeting, a demonstration, or perhaps only a significant conclusion – I like playing a couple of minutes of my favored uplifting tracks ahead, simply to increase my vibration and feelings, and also receive myself ‘in the zone’. My personal favorite is “Clocks” by Coldplay. This was the tune I used along with my first Mind Movie back in 2007, which had been the start of the unbelievable life that I have … I tear up and get goosebumps every time I hear that tune!

This is precisely what I’d prefer you to do, now, in this time: select a tune that matches you with all positive emotion and pleasure.

Now, if your desire is such as love, joy, riches, or more comfort, imagine this desire at the same time you listen to this tune of your choice. Since you’re doing this, remember your ideas will be directly connected with everything you bring. It is like bringing your beloved with salt or جلب الحبيب بالملح in Arabic.

This technique may increase your vibration by linking the tune with your own desires and allow you to attain a powerful emotional attachment to this tune. Subsequently, another time you hear it, you’ll feel a dash of joy and pleasure.

Are there any tunes you hear that remind one of your own divinity to manifest exactly what you would like, encouraging one to go after your dreams?