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The Importance of Music in Anime

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When you talk about music in anime, you think of opening and ending at the beginning. But at least as important as the accompanying music. She manages to convey emotions to us in important moments and gives fights in the series only the finishing touches. But how does she do it?

Music always touches us: metal gives us motivation in sports; Pop helps us to be in a good mood and some songs cause deep confusion in us. The film industry has long used special music to play with the emotions of the audience. The same emotions play when watching anime in anime sub indo. Anime producers also know this and also use it to burn situations into our memory and make them more intense.

It does not matter whether the piece occurs only once or is repeated several times. They always have the same effect on us. The only important thing is that these are not too conspicuous and overshadow the actual action. In addition, they should bring a certain “earworm suitability” with them.

A good example of backing music would be in Angle Beats” “My Song”. Here a slow ballad is used, which moves to tears and announces a sad development.


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Also in “Death Note” there is a melody with “L’s Theme”, which announces an escalation of the situation between L and Light in the anime. If you hear one of these melodies again, it reminds you of the scene and you experience the ascent and descent of emotions once again.

But accompanying melodies do not always have to be full-fledged pieces of music. For example, in “Re:Zero”, the “repeat sign” gives a recurring reminder that there is a failure. Especially gamers will combine this with a game-over sign and the associated frustration, as from Mario, and transfer it to the protagonist.

Without accompanying music, it is only in very few cases possible to create moments that stick with the viewer. In the end, it can be said that music is a powerful tool with which you can create magical moments from simple scenes.