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The Most Viral Covers by Walk Off The Earth

YouTube covers have surpassed MTVs. The band “Walk Off The Earth” is a tight musical group from Canada. The band is among the few music groups that found fame and good fortune just by covering tunes from other people’s music. And they write and sing their very own music too. The music of the band sometimes encourages fans to travel to Canada (Generic Form Application For Canada) to watch them live. But you don’t really have to because they have world tours going on.

Here are top covers played by the band


Walk Off The Earth’s cover of Happy is not too far from the original version. The band concentrated more on putting more fun into the already happy-infectious song.

God Only Knows

If you are an unparalleled vocal harmony band, the EP with piano instruments will come directly from the left field. However, the reality that they did this illustrates eclecticism and flexibility, which ascertained the success of Walk Of The Earth.

Their cover of the Beach Boys music is among the many beautiful vignettes found on the Beard Ballad, Part 1. Unfortunately, the most talented pianist Mike Taylor died in 2018, making the song easier to pull on the strings.

Teenage Dirtbag

“Teenage Dirtbag” is the favorite cover version of teen rock bands throughout the world, and it has been entirely modified from the original. However, Walk Off The Earth’s version has a kind of rawness that the listener has enough reason to hear the music over and over again.

Walking On The Moon

The lure to go full on reggae must have been genuine, yet oddly enough, the music group set out on another path for this cover. The addition of an audio from the landing of Apollo 11 simply concurs with the efforts this band has gone through for their listeners.


The band, Walk Off The Earth stand out at picking the best contemporary pop music and placing their own twist on it. Their best pick, Cheerleader, is among the biggest of their successes. The cover has become a true classic from all the instruments put together to make the cover a great success.

Somebody That I Used To Know

Walk Off The Earth’s cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know launched the band to a musical limelight. The cover gathered more than 187 million views on YouTube.